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Rescue U Plumbing

The Commercial Plumbing Experts

Nathan Wilson - General Manager

Who We Are

State-wide commercial maintenance plumbers.

We started our company a decade ago to provide expert plumbing services to project, facility, strata and portfolio managers, serving their commercial properties and assets. 

Our mission was and is to build a team of experienced professionals who work with honesty, and professionalism. We strive to operate with a customer-centric approach, meaning the job isn’t done until our customers are satisfied.

It is with great pride that we constantly fine new and better ways to achieve these goals. Yes, we are on a journey. We’ve satisfied hundreds of customers with consistent and quality services, and we aim to satisfy hundreds more. 

Our dedicated work ethic and honesty have allowed us to build long-lasting relationships won by hard work and dependability. We’ve instilled training and guidance in plumbing apprentices and worked with local plumbers who are proud members of our community.

Our innovative techniques and hard-earned experience allow us to give you complete plumbing services and round the clock emergency services. We identify plumbing problems using the latest technology and apply our diverse skill set with accurate and cost-effective repair solutions.

We are your commercial plumbing experts when it comes to anything maintenance-wise.

Defining our tagline - 'Trust and Certainty'


We desperately don’t want this to sound cliché, so let us explain what ‘Trust and Certainty’ means to Rescue U Plumbing.


At Rescue U Plumbing, we have built (and continue to build) a reputation for being trustworthy.
On the client side, our commitment to transparency and communication have come as a result of us always looking for ways to build trust and rapport with our clients, through process and policy.

On the team side, we work hard on creating a culture of professionals that don’t need hand-holding. We trust our ‘Rescue Crew‘ to make informed and educated decisions, and we train them regularly on principles that encourage the following (and creation) of processes, proactive thinking, and leadership.
We don’t hire thumb-suckers and our culture reflects that.


Again, in align with many of our policies, procedures and values, we strive to distil certainty with those that work with us, and those we work for.

You can be certain, that our communication will be excellent.

You can be certain that your procedures will be adopted and followed accordingly.

You can be certain that we'll be regularly reporting on, and ensuring that at every possible opportunity, there is documented transparency.

Trust & Certainty Focussed

Licensed and Prequalified

24/7 Commercial Emergency Service

NSW State-Wide Support

Rescue U Plumbing deliver the highest standard of commercial plumbing maintenance.

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