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Rescue U Plumbing

Leak Detection and Burst Pipe Repair At Rosehill Industrial Complex

Project Duration: 1 Week | Rescue U Plumbing

Commercial Burst Pipe Maintenance for a Ruptured Fire Main At Rosehill Industrial Complex.


We were hired by Rosehill Industrial to locate and resolve underground leakage from a ruptured fire main. This was causing a slipping hazard for pedestrians and workers on site and required a quick and lasting solution. We used excavation to locate and isolate the pipe to identify the cause of the leakage and provide a solution.

The Challenges

Our biggest obstacle was the isolation of the service which had to take place at the above the ground fire tank. It took us 8 to 10 hours to drain about 4km of the ring main before we could begin repairing the burst pipe.

There were also several unmarked and non-traceable water service and gas pipelines that had to be protected during the repair so that their services were not interrupted.

This required intricate navigation and expert plumbing and excavation skills to do both, something we managed with ease and expertise.

Alkimos Project cleaned up after works

Our Solution

After completing the necessary safety documentation, we separated the excavation site with temporary fencing. Before excavation, we arranged 10-tonne tippers and a 5-tonne excavator to dig up the leaking pipe. It was encased in concrete, and we removed the block with the excavator.

The 150mm fire service was isolated and drained, and the failed section of the pipe was removed. Our crew then renewed the pipeline with new flanged fittings and covered it in concrete to minimise movement during the thrust block or direction change. When the concrete had set, we reinstated the water supply and tested it for 24 hours. Lastly, we backfilled the excavation site with sand at 300mm intervals to ensure that it won’t sag in the future. The temporary fencing was removed and star posts and mesh were installed to separate the area from gardening and refurbishment work.

Final Thoughts

We are proud of how we carried out the excavation and commercial fire maintenance service by speeding up the isolation process with larger pumps. Our team smashed the job out of the park, streamlining the job and utilising communication and collaboration with the asset and building manager.

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