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Roof Repair & Replacement

How important is the roof

How often do we think about the roof over our heads. It deserves more thought because it serves a very important purpose.

Your roof protects everything that is inside. The people, your possessions and your comfort.

A roof is a strong, durable solution for any property – commercial, industrial, residential or strata.

When your roof has a problem you need a team who is experienced with roof diagnosis and repair.

Rescue U Plumbing Sydney have the experience and the knowledge to make sure your roof is doing its job – keeping your possessions and your people or family safe.

We can help you with roof problems 24/7. Call us to find a solution quickly and efficiently.

Do you need to discuss your plumbing needs?

Our Mission is to provide total customer satisfaction, quality workmanship and utilize technology to provide a cost effective and efficient plumbing service second to none.

Our Commitment is to the customer, the plumbing industry and the environment.

Proactive Maintenance

Rescue U Plumbing Sydney focus on a high standard of proactive maintenance.

We go beyond for our clients delivering on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on being able to implement maintenance strategies that manage costs effectively and reduce the whole of life maintenance of your property.

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What Makes Our Service Different

Rescue U Plumbing Sydney’s core value is “Finding Solutions for our Customers” – The team are committed to this value.

No plumbing problem either big or small changes that goal. We will find a solution to treat the immediate problem and develop a proactive solution to prevent or minimise future problems.

Our philosophy of training and retaining our team means we have the team you want to call if you have a plumbing problem. We are all committed to find the right solution when you need it most.

Regardless of the day or time you can call us 24/7 and you will reach the Managing Director or the Operations Manager. We are that committed to finding the right solution for your plumbing problem.

That makes our service different.

Nathan Wilson

General Manager,
Rescue U Plumbing Sydney

Need a plumber? We are available 24/7

We provide a wide range of services to residential, commercial and industrial sites. Our clients vary from big corporations in retail, industrial and commercial environments, to residential and strata.

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