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Backflow Systems and Cross-Contamination Services


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Backflow systems and cross-contamination prevention methods.

Cross contamination is no joke. If backflow prevention measures are not in place, it can have lethal outcomes.

We offer professional backflow installation and testing services to commercial properties, right across the state. Our qualified plumbers provide a quick and efficient service, from single and multiple backflow testing devices while handling the compliance obligations involved with backflow devices.

If you haven’t scheduled your annual backflow testing, or if you have received a certification notification from your local authority, we can help. Our plumbers are backflow certified and regularly carry out backflow testing for large and small commercial locations across New South Wales.

Our backflow installation, testing and maintenance services ensure that your backflow devices are functioning optimally and the testing certificates are submitted on time. Our backflow system and prevention services cover everything from backflow repair and installation to planned maintenance programs and assessment of hazard levels.


Cross contamination (or backflow) typically occurs when there are sudden changes in water pressure. This creates a syphon effect, causing the water to flow in the opposite direction, leading to cross-contamination. The mixing of dirty water with clean drinking water can pose serious health risks if consumed.

It is essential to install, maintain and test your backflow devices to prevent such situations. The property owner is responsible for the annual testing and can be fined if the testing certificates are not submitted annually.

Bad tasting, foul-smelling or discoloured water are potential backflow indications. You should call a qualified backflow plumber immediately to investigate if you come across any of these scenarios..

Common causes of backflow are ruptures or leaks in the main water supply, or pipes bursting on properties. Backflow devices on properties protect the clean, drinking water from mixing with dirty water, like groundwater, or even sewer.


Backflow prevention servicing is typically a quick and simple procedure, that takes less than an hour. It requires specialised expertise and a specific qualification (which The Rescue Crew have). Careless or poor installation and maintenance of backflow systems can cause an environment and health risk to everyone in your locality Which may result in legal repercussions and fines.

Rescue U Plumbing provides reliable backflow system services by qualified and local plumbers who are experienced in every aspect of backflow testing and preventive maintenance. Our services include:

We understand the importance of water backflow testing and prevention. That’s why we have a capable and trained plumbing team who operate with an organised and meticulous approach. We are well versed in the legalities and industry standards of backflow systems and strive to give you faultless results that leave no room for complaint.

Our precise attention to detail ensures that you get a complete service that complies with legal stipulations and safeguards your home or business. We also provide emergency plumbing repairs for leaks, flooding, backflows and damaged pipes. Our backflow system prevention services also include automatic scheduling for backflow testing to help you stay on top of your scheduled maintenance.

We offer flexible appointment times that work around your business or personal activities with 24/7 customer and technical support.

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