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State-Wide Scheduled Plumbing Maintenance Programs


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Rescue u Plumbing


Stay on top of expensive plumbing repairs and emergencies with our scheduled plumbing maintenance programmes for commercial and industrial properties.

Don’t wait for water leaks and blocked drains to get worse or balloon into a bigger mess. We can help you keep your plumbing systems in prime condition with our scheduled preventive maintenance programmes. These help you to detect early repair signs in plumbing fixtures, appliances and pipes.

We provide a comprehensive range of preventive maintenance services. They cover everything from scheduled drain maintenance, hot water servicing (including commercial boilers and manifold systems), and everything in between. If it’s plumbing – we’ll maintain it for you.

Our plumbing maintenance team is licensed and has the required certifications to tackle both small and large scale maintenance activities. We give you a complete maintenance service that encompasses anything and everything plumbing related. This ensures that nasty plumbing surprises are kept to a minimum, and your plumbing system is always up to date and in perfect condition.

How does planned plumbing maintenance benefit you?

It gives you a clear picture of your plumbing system and allows you to plan for plumbing replacements that are old or worn down. Preventive maintenance also detects potential blockages and similar ‘impending issues’ at early stages.

Commercial and plumbing maintenance is also required to meet specific compliance regulations and safe work practices. This keeps your insurance rate up and safeguards both your own and your tenants’ business operations. Being proactive with plumbing maintenance also brings down the need for reactive plumbing repair and emergency plumbing crises.

The cost of planned plumbing maintenance is typically much lower than plumbing repairs, especially if it’s an emergency situation (think after hours blocked drains as an example). It keeps your operations running smoothly and reduces the possibility of plumbing breakdowns and overhauls that result in loss of profits and costly downtime.

And most importantly, preventative maintenance offers you peace of mind


Our planned maintenance services also include detailed reports and corrective solutions for your plumbing system. We offer quick and flexible appointment times with automated scheduling options and reminders. Our high tech testing equipment and proven methods ensure that you get an honest assessment and reliable maintenance services.

We arrive at your location in a fully equipped van with all the necessary equipment and materials. Our plumbers deliver an efficient service that keeps your plumbing system running smoothly all year round. 

Protect your business and property with our commercial plumbing scheduled maintenance service fully backed with quality workmanship and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Over six decades of experience in plumbing maintenance and repair.

For planned preventive maintenance services tailored to your property’s needs, get in touch with the Rescue Crew today.

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