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Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV)


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Safeguard against dangerous hot water accidents and meet annual compliance requirements with our expert thermostatic mixing valve testing and maintenance services.

Thermostatic mixing valves’ or TMVs’ plumbing maintenance and testing are essential to maintaining a safe and consistent water temperature. TMV failures and faults can pose a serious risk to occupants and workers inside businesses and medical or public facilities.

At Rescue U Plumbing, we offer qualified TMV plumbing services for installation, routine maintenance, testing and repair of thermostatic valves. Our licensed plumbers are experienced and have years of experience with thermostatic valve testing and servicing. We perform a thorough inspection and cleaning to ensure the proper functioning of your TMV device. This gives you the security and peace of mind that your workplace is safe from potential accidents and hot water hazards.


TMVs are typically installed near hot water systems or distribution sources to regulate the temperature of the water. They help mix the hot and cold water to prevent hot water injuries like scalding and burns. Thermostatic valves are installed in commercial and industrial properties and social and healthcare facilities like schools and hospitals. They can even be installed in residential properties if homeowners require it. If there is a problem with the hot or cold water supply, the mixing valves shut down the water automatically, protecting the user.

TMVs are a mandatory requirement in most businesses and facilities and must be tested and serviced annually. The maintenance and testing services must meet industry and legal regulations. Thermostatic valves are a critical safety component to ensure a safe, even hot water temperature.


Our thermostatic mixing valve services include:

With complete written inspection reports including before and after service measurements and conditions of your TMVs.

Our technicians are experienced and certified with considerable experience in thermostatic mixing valve maintenance. We are familiar with the TMV testing compliances, AS3498, which state the standard water temperature requirements and AS4032.3 for a testing period of every 12 months.

You can rely on our capable plumbers to give you quality services that cover your TMV maintenance and testing from top to bottom. Our customer support team is available round the clock for your convenience and offers flexible appointments that suit your schedule.

We have a reputation for providing outstanding services by reliable and skilled plumbers. Our dedicated work ethic and professional approach ensure faultless services with reliable after-sales services.

If your property is due for a thermostatic mixing valve testing or if you need service installation or repair, we can help. We service commercial locations right across New South Wales and the ACT.

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